Scratch and Dent

Looking for some great 3dCadWurx products at a heavy discount, and don't mind if the surface finish has some imperfections or blemishes, you came to the right place.

All of the products listed in this category are 100% functional with the same reliability expected, only difference is these products will have slight cosmetic blemishes and imperfections that prevent them from meeting our personal quality standards.

We used to throw these units in the trash, but realized this is a lot of plastic waste that ultimately is not great for the environment, and might actually prevent people from enjoying a great product at an incredible price,  so in our eyes, this is a win/win for all involved.

So if you are ok with surface imperfections/blemishes, but still expect the product to function correctly and you are happy to get a big discount, you've come to the right page :)

There are no products listed under this category.