Audi B8/B8.5 Tire Pressure Monitor

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3dCadWurx is proud to bring real time tire pressure, tire temperature, monitoring and alerting built right into your vehicle!

While B8 and B8.5 Audi's are incredible vehicles with unmatched performance potential and a great ride, they do lack in some modern amenities and features, one of those problems is the lack of a real time tire pressure display and even if the vehicle does inform you of a tire issue, chances are it will not tell you which tire is the problem, and so you have to usually check all 4 tires.

Not only have we solved this problem, but our solution also gives you the ability to monitor the pressures and temps in real time so you can increase the life of your tires and increase fuel mileage. 

Just a few psi lower than optimal pressure will decrease your fuel economy so having an audible alert that informs you when your tires are lower than 29 psi will absolutely save you some gas money in the long run as well!


  • Fits multiple 2008-2017 Audi Left Hand Drive (LHD) or Right Hand Drive (RHD) DSG & manual transmission models - see vehicle fitment table below
  • Designed to replace the coin holder in the center dash console
  • Real time vehicle tire pressure monitoring
  • Real time vehicle tire temperature monitoring
  • Real time vehicle voltage alerting
  • Tire leak detection
  • 100% wireless tire pressure sensors with 1-2 yrs battery life (dependany on mileage driven)(CR1632)
  • 10A inline fuse
  • Made of strong ABS Plastic and will not deform in summer heat
  • Extremely secure and stable fit
  • Installs in minutes with no permanent modifications to the vehicle,  no cutting, soldering, or splicing of wires required.
  • Includes 18" 22 awg wire, inline fuse, crimp terminals and wire taps
  • 1 year limited warranty included
  • Allow 3-4 day lead time for production, 2-5 days for standard shipping
  • Made In USA

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**Intended usage**
The 3dCadWurx TPMS is intended for normal street driving/usage and provides the same level of accuracy as any standard tire pressure gauge, while you could potentially use this product for racing applications, this product is not intended to provide the same level of accuracy or abuse as high end racing products.

**Operational Note**
Due to the location of the OEM Coin holder, in bright daylight with direct sunlight on the TPMS display, it may be difficult to read the display even at full brightness.  This is not a limitation of the TPMS display, but rather due to the location of the OEM coin holder that causes this issue. Audible alerting will still continue to function as designed.

**Installation Note**
The installation of the 3dCadWurx TPMS is exactly the same process as our 3dCadWurx Audi USB Charger, as a result, the installtion video linked below will be of the USB charger.  Again, the process is exactly the same.

** Only fits models with the coin holder in the center dash console **

Since 3dCadWurx has no control over the source of the switched 12v power supply and the condition of the vehicle wiring, it is the vehicle owners responsibility to idenitify the best source of the switched 12v power.

We currently only ship to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada,  Australia and the Philippines, if you have an international order to another country, please use the contact us function before placing an order.


12 month limited warranty included, covers normal wear and tear, but does not cover abuse.